CASE STUDY: Ford’s 12-Member Team Engages Staff with Multi-pronged Approach


Ford’s 12-Member Team Engages Staff with Multi-pronged Approach


The employee communications team at Ford reached out to hundreds of thousands of employees and retirees with a ‘hive’ approach.

John Cowan, Editor, Ragan Communications

The COVID-19 pandemic and quarantine fundamentally transformed how businesses communicate with employees.

Ford Motor Company’s 12-member employee communications team, responsible for all communications that reach Ford’s 187,000 employees globally, had to quickly pivot to address emerging employee and business needs resulting from the pandemic.

A hive approach
The team functions like a hive, holding regular communications, daily meetings, cross-functional planning and calls to ensure alignment around priorities.

They regularly juggle several strategic goals:

  • Supporting the strategic objectives of the company.
  • Listening and responding to employee input through Q&As, online chats, pulse surveys and data
  • Addressing unexpected needs as they arise.
  • Evolving the overall employee experience working at Ford.
  • Building a coalition of brand ambassadors.

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