Career Self-Assessment: 5 Free Tests


Career Advancement: 10 Steps To Become A Better SupervisorCareer self-assessment is a great tool.  It can help you get to know yourself.  If you are considering looking for a job or making a career change, there are tools available to help you gain insight.  These tests are best administered by a professional but self-assessment tests can give you a start.  While Myers-Briggs is probably the best known of this type of test, the following five tools can lead you in the right direction and, if you still prefer Myers-Briggs, it’s available online for $50.00.

1.  Holland – – This tool will identify your top interest area,  how it compares to other areas and how they relates to your interests.

2.  MyNextMove – –  Determines your interests as they relate to work and this tool will ask you to rate how much you enjoy performing specific work tasks.

3.  Big Five –  The test will identify a personality preference that can help you learn what learning styles and work preferences are for you.

4.  MyPlan – – MyPlan will help you identify motivations.  The assessment test is geared to finding your underlying work needs and can suggest jobs that might be right for you.

5.  Keirsey – – This personality assessment measures how people communicate and react.

Happy testing!


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