Captivate PR & Marketing Launches in Los Angeles Editorial Staff

The new firm, which concentrates in the consumer products and services categories, says services will include product and service launches; positioning and brand building; digital marketing; publicity and media relations; special events; and influencer engagement.

Ashley Rodgers, co-founder and managing director, leads Captivate. She brings more than a decade-plus of experience in public relations, serving clients across hospitality; travel and tourism; food and beverage; and arts and culture. The firm will concentrate in those sectors, as well as in lifestyle; health and wellness; real estate; and architecture and design, according to Rodgers.

Rodgers states: “Our vision for Captivate is to maintain sharp focus both on the industries in which we concentrate – nothing short of our ‘passions’ – and the services the agency offers. We are a specialist firm and our team possesses depth and breadth of understanding within our chosen categories. We believe the strategic and creative thinking of our professionals, as well as our commitment to providing top notch program execution, will differentiate us in this competitive landscape.”

The new agency is incubated by FoleyFreisleben LLC (FolFry), a 20-year-old Los Angeles firm that specializes in corporate and financial communications, business-to-business marketing, and social-responsibility public relations.

FolFry President Gerald Freisleben, who co-founded Captivate, states: “We are excited to seed and launch Captivate. In these trend- and brand-conscious times, FolFry is regularly contacted by enterprises that seek help targeting and breaking through to consumer audiences. FolFry already provides corporate and financial relations, reputation management, and crisis communications to these same type consumer companies but historically turns away from the product and services marketing. Without diluting FolFry’s focus, we seized an opportunity to seamlessly integrate a new agency – with its own dynamic leadership team and culture – and capitalize on excellent cross-marketing potential between the partner firms, offering our clients a broader range of services.”

The firm is a partner agency of FoleyFreisleben LLC. For more information, visit Captivate.