Calculating Digital Marketing ROI

CommPRONewsItemBy Editorial Staff

In an increasingly competitive digital environment, marketers need to know – in real time – if their campaigns are driving revenue. Automated marketing analytics platform i.Predictus says it makes this possible with their recently released Digital Insights Solution. The company says the tool allows digital media buyers and marketing executives to visualize and ascertain the effectiveness of their digital campaigns in real time.

“There is no doubt that big data has overtaken digital marketing,” says i.Predictus General Manager Carina Pologruto. “i.Predictus and its digital insights solution gives organizations the ability to quickly unify disparate data sources to deliver accurate and timely campaign results.”

The digital insights solution ingests data from a variety of digital sources and creates an intuitive and accurate dashboard, allowing users to see which campaigns and digital media sources are working and where their digital marketing dollars are most effective.

The digital insights solution offers:

·Interfaces with all social outlets (e.g. Facebook, Twitter and DCM)
·Visuals depicting digital marketing dollars spend and effectiveness
·Campaign success views from the executive level down to individual placements
·Point and click detailed drill downs with individual slicers for unique views

“Simply put, bad data and/or incomplete analysis means a loss of revenue,” explains Pologruto. “We’ve taken the onerous, manual steps out of digital media reporting, automating the entire process and delivering accurate results so marketers can make sound decisions that will benefit their bottom line,” he said.