C-Suite Network CEO Tells C-Suite Execs: “Tune into Truth on Trial”


Jeffrey Hayzlett, CEO and Chairman of the C-Suite Network and Douglas Simon CEO of D S Simon Media preview their upcoming livestream “Truth on Trial”. Featuring: Ty Cobb, Former Special Counsel to the President during the Trump administration; Major Garrett, Chief White House Correspondent, CBS News; Richard Painter, former Chief White House Ethics lawyer during the George W. Bush administration; Ambassador Norman Eisen; Richard S. Levick, Chairman & CEO, LEVICK, and others … Douglas Simon will be interviewing them about how today’s communicators need to navigate story-telling in a world where fake news and biased-information can affect the truth and the institutions in the United States. Register for the FREE webcast here



DOUG: I’m joined by Jeffrey Hayzlett Chairman and CEO, C-Suite Network. Jeff thanks so much for being with us. Great, I’m Doug Simon CEO of Simon Media. Now June 13th 1:00 p.m. eastern time Truth On Trial Implications For Communicators Ethics And The Collapse Of Institutional Trust. Jeffrey why is that so important for CEOs to check this out?


JEFF: It’s not just CEOs, all executives in the C-Suite have to know the truth and what’s the truth. It’s what everybody says it is, and so we have to have good trusted sources like we have in our own organization in order to make key decisions or businesses every single day.


DOUG: Yeah. And I think “what is the truth?” is going to be a debate on whether there are different truths as well. We’ll have three attorneys participating who served inside the White House most recently. Ty Cobb, Norman Eisen and Richard Painter as well. Why is their perspective valuable for these C-Suite executives?


JEFF: Well certainly things that happened in the White House and in Washington D.C. are real critical for us in business world but around the world, as we start to do business everywhere and every place possible in this planet. So getting the right information from those folks and getting the inside track on what’s the truth is dirty work.


DOUG: Yeah we also have reporters from CBS News The Wall Street Journal and other hot spots in media navigating media increasingly vital for C-Suite leaders.


JEFF: Especially today because news is coming to us in different ways. It used to be we could watch the television or listen to the radio but now it’s coming more digital onto our devices. So we are having it come from multiple sources and multiple ways. And who do we trust?


DOUG: And finally how do you see this event helping CEOs navigate this unprecedented communications landscape?


JEFF: Well most CEOs and most the C-Suite leaders just want good education and trusted sources to be able to identify those will be critical in this decision-making process. And in those four minutes a really good thing this is happening today.


DOUG: Yeah we’ve got some of the top level most trusted sources and I invite you to attend it’s June 13th. Wednesday 1:00 Eastern time it will be a fantastic panel and we’ll also be hearing more from Jeffrey on insights into how a CEO can navigate this changing landscape. Thanks so much for being with us.