How to Compliment a Physical Tradeshow With a Virtual One

In the past, the only way a company could advertise at a tradeshow was to attend them in person. Today, however, business are utilizing professional crews to stream these live events out to a virtual audience. These video webcasts allow you to reach a larger (and sometimes even a global audience) with greater ease and lower costs. If traditional tradeshows are part of your current business strategy, consider these webcasting tips to determine if you are ready to either make the switch, or compliment your next live event.

About Video Webcasts

The first question many people have is concerning the differences between a video webcast and a traditional tradeshow. The most obvious difference is a webcast takes place online, while a traditional tradeshow requires you to be there in person. Whichever type of event you choose, you can still stream your panelists’ speaking engagements live, conduct Q&A sessions, and provide key takeaways in the form of a presentation or PDF document. Even though you will be missing out on those personal  Instead of being in a large hall, you will be in the comfort of your own home or office, while participating as if you were at the event.

Try It Out

If you still aren’t sure if a video webcasting is right for you, the next tip indicates you should watch one to get the experience. While these shows can provide you with access to a much larger audience without spending as much money, it can still be intimidating. Attending a video webcast to see what it is like and how it looks to attendees can help you gauge whether it is a good fit for your target audience. Because these shows are often free to attend, it is easy to give it a try.

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How to Participate

You will save a lot of money and time by hosting video events instead of exhibiting at a traditional tradeshow. The technical aspect is also much cheaper than most companies anticipate. Businesses that attend traditional tradeshows often spend thousands of dollars on their booth design and presentations. Virtual video webcasts often cost less since less travel is involved, and far less resources are required.

When you choose to participate in a video webcast, you select a representative of your company that will act as the “moderator” of the event. This person is responsible for the introduction – which will include a welcome remarks, thanks to the sponsors, etc. As participants register for your event, you will be capturing any information from them that you wish. Attendees can interact via live Q&A, or download any materials/brochures you would like to make available.

Choosing to participate in an virtual event with the above tips allows you to save plenty of money over traditional shows. Onstream Media can provide you with plenty of options for such events. With their knowledge and experience, they can help you set up the best possible event to attract visitors and provide them with the information they seek.

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