Brian Krebs – The Pause




There are few people more insightful on cyber issues than Brian Krebs, author of the daily blog, Krebs on Security. An autodidact, he breaks more news and provides more insights on cyber-related issues than virtually any other journalist covering the beat. If you want to know what is happening in cyber and know it first, you have to receive Krebs on Security. And yet, at the close of the interview that Ian Lipner, head of LEVICK’s cyber practice and I had with him last week, there was a pause. Almost as pregnant as when Roger Mudd asked Senator Ted Kennedy why he wanted to be president during the 1980 campaign.

Always articulate and thoughtful about cyber, at the end of the program, we asked Brian for his last words for how companies should protect themselves going forward. He had just provided us with a half hour of cyber wisdom, but when it came to the moment of what companies can do to be bulletproof came the pause. Not because Brian couldn’t think of anything, but because he is endlessly honest and truthful and the bottom line is we are in an escalating cyber war and the adversaries are so sophisticated and institutionalized that they have mission statements and are a step ahead of the rest of us.

There are no easy cyber answers other than eternal vigilance and the realization that cyber warfare is here to stay and we are the targets.

Enjoy the listen

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