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Brian J. Karem, columnist, member of the White House press corps and author of Free the Press: The Death of American Journalism and How to Revive It, recently made the decision to travel to Ukraine because, “We deserve the truth — and that’s my job”.

In a new CommPRO and Foreign Press Association exclusive free webinar, Karem will discuss what is happening on the ground in Ukraine, why he went there, the battle against disinformation, the importance of truth to our democracy, and the critical role of a free press.  He will be interviewed by Ian Williams, President of the Foreign Press Association.

Karem has been on the frontlines of journalism at the White House and in war zones during his long career. Always willing to hold the powerful to account, the Trump administration suspended his press pass only to have the decision overturned by the courts. Read his recent Salon article on why he chose to travel to Ukraine.


“The Truth is the First Casualty of War”

Introductory comments by Larry Moskowitz , long-time student of media and former reporter, journalism professor and foreign correspondent, and later at the cutting edge of communications technology, including founder and CEO of Lightbox Search.




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Brian KaremBrian J. Karem

Brian J. Karem is an award-winning journalist, author and speaker. He has worked in both newspaper and television as an investigative journalist covering politics, crime, refugee issues, and state and local news. He is the recipient of the National Press Club’s Freedom of the Press Award as well as the prestigious Pieringer Award. He has testified in support of a federal shield law to protect reporters and recently testified to help pass shield law legislation in Virginia. He is the founder of the “First Jailbird’s Club,” a group of 13 reporters who went to jail to defend the identity of a confidential source. Karem appears regularly as a political analyst on television, served as the senior White House correspondent for Playboy, currently writes a weekly column for Salon.Com. He’s the former president of the Maryland, Delaware, District of Columbia Press Association, is a member of the White House Press Corps and National Press Club, and launched the popular podcast, “Just Ask the Question,” in 2018.


Ian Williams, President, Foreign Press Association

FPA President Ian Williams is an author, writer and broadcaster who has been a frequent contributor to  media all over the world. Ian’s books have included several on the UN, on George Orwell and the American Revolution – and include Deserter on George W. Bush’s war record. Recently as FPA President he  has anchored briefings on most geopolitical hotspots, including many overlooked ones like Burma and Western Sahara.