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Ronn Torossian, CEO, 5WPR

One of the bright lights that shined through the pandemic was the growing power heightened by the influence of social media to launch and promote new products. What’s encouraging is that experts expect many consumers to continue accessing social media to find and purchase new goods in this post-pandemic era.

That’s good news for marketers because introducing new brands on social media has many advantages. It’s scalable, cost-effective, and offers numerous creative ways to reach new consumers. The big downside is that most marketers also recognize social media for the same opportunities. Competition is great, but it’s also easy for brands to get lost in the maze of new products. Here are six ways to help a brand stand out.

Content Calendar and Goals

No matter how great the new product may be, CMOs should still draft a defined content calendar as a sharable resource that their marketing teams can utilize for their planning. Establishing an asset library in association with it so that all resources are handily available is also advisable.

Hyping It Up

Creating a buzz is the exciting part of a campaign for most marketers. Preliminary posts like “coming soon” without identifying what’s coming build curiosity and invite comments and conversation before the big reveal. Countdowns also stir excitement and interest. Contests and giveaways heighten engagement and have led to reactivating former customers. All these loudly shout out the message that something new is coming.


Another consistently proven approach is storytelling and the employment of customer photos. What also helps is content from behind the scenes. The latter satisfies the mystique and interest of many consumers by giving them an exclusive peek “behind the curtain” in advance of the launch.

Product Launch

There are numerous variables that need to be considered in planning a product launch. A social media marketing plan needs to be in harmony with other channels and initiatives. Product photos and/or videos, product descriptions, ad copy, emails, landing pages, SEO, blogs, and events are just some of the many considerations in putting a launch together.


Employing hashtags can bolster a brand’s identity and give fans and followers an excuse to tag and share the brand’s launch-related posts. It also allows marketers a way to measure mentions and determine if the launch generated as much excitement as had been planned for.

Keep the Momentum Going

It’s important to keep audience engagement going, not just during but also after a product launch. Brands need to continue publishing content and encouraging consumers to tag if they were pleased with the launch.

Stop, Look & Listen

During a product launch, it’s also important that the marketing department stop and look at everything from shopping cart errors, shipping questions, mentions and other comments. It’s equally imperative to address all issues that are raised, as well as to answer all questions.


Use tracking and analytics like Google Analytics to determine if the brand’s preparation and work in social media generated the anticipated results and delivered the desired ROI. Answer other questions like how KPI fared. Which social platforms performed best and how might the next launch be improved?

About the Author: Ronn Torossian is CEO of 5WPR, a leading litigation PR agency.

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