Boosting Traffic to Your Podcast


Boosting Traffic to Your PodcastRonn Torossian, CEO, 5WPR 

Podcasts are a tool often overlooked in a brand’s digital marketing strategies in lieu of standard blogging or social media approaches. The numbers, however, paint a promising picture: since 2012, the popularity of podcasts has been steadily increasing, with the percentage of Americans who listen to one podcast or more per month rising to 26% in 2018. A whopping 50% of Americans say they consistently listen to podcasts. 

As such, savvy business owners are increasingly adding the launch of a podcast to their marketing repertoire. If you find yourself part of this group, you might also be wondering how to make your niche effort a success. How, exactly, do you drive traffic to your new podcast? 

Fortunately, boosting the number of podcast listeners you have is nearly formulaic. Here are four tips to help your podcast attract new listeners. 

1.    Leverage Social Media

Start by advertising on social media. There are more than 200 billion active Facebook users, and more than 330 million unique visitors to Twitter every month. These are exactly the type of internet users who also listen to podcasts. 

Depending on how often you broadcast the podcast, whether daily, weekly or monthly, plan ahead and draft posts on your primary social media platform that advertise your new show. Spotlight special guests, talking points, and draw attention to direct quotes from the show to help entice potential listeners. 

It is vital that you post frequently, as this retains engagement. If you don’t have time to draft social media posts regularly, use a scheduling app and plan them in advance so that posts go out even when you’re busy. 

2.    Send Marketing Emails

The launch of a new marketing effort is the perfect time to make the most of your leads list. You should have already begun to build an email list of visitors to your website; use this list now to undertake an email marketing program that advertises the broadcasting details of your podcast. 

In the same way as your social media strategy, push the special guests who will appear on your show, and highlight quotes from the recordings to tease listeners. Better yet, attach a soundbite to give them an idea of what they are in for! 

3.    Use Visuals 

Make it easy for guests and fans to share the details of your podcast by sharing snippets online, or upload quote images to Instagram. Call on your guests to amplify your reach; let them know the day their episode goes live, and send them a collection of shareable media. These could include images, links, pull-quotes, or pre-written status updates. 

4.    Convert Audio To a YouTube Video 

Savvy podcasters should repurpose their new project in as many ways as possible. Adding a YouTube version, for example, will provide you with video to share on social media, and access to automatic closed captioning and transcripts. Moreover, the SEO benefits of a YouTube presence are second-to-none. 

Launching a podcast is an excellent step to diversifying your marketing portfolio. Think outside the box with its promotion, and you will reach new audiences in no time!

Employees as Marketers-Thoughts From 5WPR Founder Ronn TorossianAbout the Author: Ronn Torossian is CEO of 5WPR, a leading PR Agency.