BlockMonsters Launches New Crypto Staking Pool and Boosterpack

CommPRO Editorial Staff

BlockMonsters, an NFT and gaming network, launched its first staking tool and planned a second booster pack soon. This duo will bring lots of rewarding opportunities for its users as they continue playing the available game. BlockMonsters is a crypto gaming network using Defi, NFT, and Gamefi to provide income for gamers.

This gaming platform involves creatures called blockmons(NFTs) and a trainer. Using the blockmons, you can battle and trade(Defi) with gamers from all over the globe. Imagine the nostalgia of engaging in a crypto-related game while making money(Gamefi).

The network is among the first skill-based PVP crypto gaming platforms. Here, gamers play and hit different milestones to get rewards. BlockMonsters rewards gamers using a token called the $MNSTRS, which they can buy on the dashboard.

BlockMonsters launched its first staking pool for the $MNSTRS token. $MNSTRS is the native token of the network. It helps in carrying out different services. Using the $MNSTRS, you can buy your starter pack when beginning the game. $MNSTRS has a current unit price of $0.01429010, while the network’s market cap is $7.145 million.

Another use of the $MNSTRS is staking for rewards. Staking this token carries a reward of 15% APY. You can stake the tokens on the dashboard. The least stake amount to gain rewards is ten tokens.

BlockMonsters sets the minimum lock-up periods at seven days. Persons who stake ten tokens for 14 days straight will earn the NFT stonk. The longer and higher the stake attracts higher rewards. During the first 48 hours 80 million $MNSTRS of the entire 500 million $MNSTRS supply got staked.

BlockMonsters dropped a second booster pack on 15th October.

Blockmons are basic NFTs in the network. As a gamer, you can use the blockmons to maximize your income. You can battle the NFTs(blockmons) in battle mode. Your blockmons can fight with other blockmons in a player vs player mode(PVP).

To be a master at the PVP battles, you need to train your blockmon. Training more helps the blockmon earn more experience, which makes them stronger.

You can also trade and sell the NFTs in the blockbuster P2P marketplace. Thus, any amount of NFTs users hold can easily translate to money.

Source: Blockchain Wire