Blockchain & Electronic Trading (or Chaos Breeds Knowledge) Julian Jacobson

Ep. 8- CryptoCharacters with Jason Nagi

Learn about how securities markets work, how matching engines function in traditional markets and how blockchain can increase electronic trading efficiencies—from releasing “stranded paper securities” which have no secondary market because they lack post-issuance support, to removal of transfer agents.  Discover the barriers to institutional adoption of blockchain technology and how to navigate the divide between the “old methods” of electronic trading and blockchain technology.  Find out how disruption today echoes prior disruptions, a primary source of ideological friction between US market regulators and blockchain as a single source of truth in multi-dealer markets, and the way Julian is innovating to remediate structural problems he sees in the financial system.    

Listen to Julian’s unique perspective on problems and how they lead to solutions, including the technological Tower of Babel.  And learn why Velocity Ledger is innovating in Bermuda, rather than the U.S.