Blockchain Data Integrity Made Easy and Practical for Enterprise


CommPRO Editorial Staff

Sixgill, LLC, a data automation and authenticity products and services firm, announced the release of Integrity 2.0, a powerful data authenticity solution that combines a practical permissioned blockchain with a public blockchain auditor in an industry-first “hybrid-hybrid” implementation that achieves absolute data integrity and veracity.

Integrity 2.0 makes blockchain data integrity easy and practical so organizations can quickly solve the rising need for end-to-end, real-time data authenticity assurance. Organizations will be able to monitor and guarantee the veracity of any data stream (or data in motion), including today’s sensors emitting time-series data in any form – including video data.

Integrity 2.0 offers an unrivaled system of checks and balances to ensure data integrity either within an organization or across a trusted consortium. Organizations gain absolute assurance that the data they create, transmit, process, act on, and store remains unchanged and tamperproof throughout its lifecycle. Now, Sixgill adds a new SaaS version that makes it easier to get started.

Sixgill Integrity 2.0 is built on IBM Hyperledger Fabric, a private blockchain, and uses the public blockchain Bitcoin as an optional trustless, immutable auditor. It can also be customized to the blockchain of a customer’s choice. Integrity 2.0 maintains the on-chain/off-chain scheme originally delivered in version 1.0, which assures the performance required to sheath data in motion and generate any necessary corruption alerts in the unlikely event an Integrity-protected data stream becomes compromised.

“Most people still view blockchain in terms of crypto currencies and not as a data technology for practical enterprise solutions,” says Phil Ressler, CEO of Sixgill. “With Integrity 2.0, Sixgill provides any organization with a real-world, real-time, blockchain data authenticity guarantor that achieves absolute data veracity, now also with a SaaS version for easy entry.

“Our hybrid-hybrid authenticity architecture allows any enterprise to start building data integrity into IoT and IoE automation processes using a well-understood private blockchain, with the option to add public blockchain immutability when the most stringent protections are mandated. This also enables easy generation of immutable audit trails for highly regulated processes or where liability for errors runs high,” says Ressler.

Source: Blockchain Wire