Blockchain and the Corporate Communications Industry: Finding the Next Wave of Talent Editorial Staff

Blockchain technology is sweeping the globe, impacting industries from banking and finance to entertainment and corporate communications. bitJob recently launched the first blockchain-based student marketplace for jobs. Much like traditional job platforms including Monster and Indeed, bitJob users can search for employment opportunities or list job openings. With bitJob, people can earn cryptocurrency and work on new projects applying blockchain technology, including in corporate communications and related verticals. Here, CommPRO interviews Elad Kofman, one of bitJob’s founders.

CommPRO: Many industries are starting to see the impact of blockchain technology. How could blockchain impact the corporate communications industry?

Elad Kofman, co-founder of bitJob: Blockchain, as an open source, decentralized (P2P) tech, will change not only how companies develop and deploy technology, but how they engage with their partners and systems integrators. Enterprises have been finding success working with small teams of developers that can take advantage of the open source community to develop and/or deploy the functionality and integration points they need for a fraction of the time and cost. We can already witness businesses evolving and upgrading their business models, and in our eyes this trend will surge in the next few years.

Q: How can the communications, investor relations, and public relations industries benefit from using bitJob to find employees?

A: In order to secure the next talents out there, we can see significant investments in human capital and technology to communicate better with millennials. Nowadays, employers find it hard to hire quality temporary workers that fit their budget, and most of them fail in recruiting students. bitJob will help SMB/SMEs meet their next candidates or interns, relying on the authenticity and verification of blockchain tech, to make sure the employer’s skills are legit. The bitJob marketplace will connect the next driven and fresh talents with employers, all around the world, without barriers or boundaries.

Q: How can students break into the communications and IR industries using bitJob’s employment marketplace?

A: The Communications, IR and PR industries are known for being challenging and demanding, requiring employees who are multi-talented multi-taskers. At the same time, the entry-level wages in these industries are usually less attractive for experienced professionals. Students can be great fits for these careers, and often seek resume-building opportunities to help them earn money while completing their degrees. Moreover, students these days are often tech-savvy and skilled at learning new digital tasks. This makes them a great fit for entry-level or contract positions in the communications, PR, and IR industries, and bitJob can help both sides easily facilitate this.

Q: How is cryptocurrency incorporated into bitJob? What benefits does cryptocurrency have on an employment platform compared to traditional currencies?

A: Transactions with traditional currencies are outdated. They require us to consider exchange rates and wait on financial institutions. With cryptocurrency, fees are low and transactions are almost instant. bitJob has created its own cryptocurrency token, STU, to facilitate transactions on the network. Students will be able to earn STU for completing projects, and others on the network will be rewarded in STU tokens.