BitMart Announces Interest-Accruing Service for Crypto Investors


CommPRO Editorial Staff

BitMart has announced the launch of the new BitMart Earn. BitMart Earn is a secure service center to generate passive incomes and grow cryptocurrencies, providing viable interest-accruing opportunities for crypto investors.

BitMart Earn provides savings services for token holders to deposit their cryptos and earn interest, including BTC, ETH, and USDT. The current interest rate (Annual Percentage Yield) for BitMart Earn is up to 7%, the highest among all crypto interest-accruing platforms.

Tailoring to meet token holders’ different needs, BitMart Earn offers two types of savings products – flexible savings and fixed savings. Flexible Savings is a product that pays interest on cryptocurrencies deposited while allowing the funds to be withdrawn at any time. Fixed savings pays interest on cryptocurrencies deposited during a pre-set duration (7 days/14 days/30 days).

For Flexible Savings, users can redeem the principal anytime (except 00:00-02:00 UTC+4 daily). The principal will be transferred to the spot wallet immediately after redemption. For Fixed Savings, users cannot redeem funds before the pre-set redemption date. The funds will be redeemed automatically on the value date, and both the principal and interest will be paid to the spot wallet, with no transfer or redemption fees.

With trusted institutional partners, BitMart is dedicated to making more tokens available for the BitMart Earn service, developing more value-adding products to users’ selections for a better and healthier crypto portfolio.

Source: Blockchain Wire