BitMart and MoonPay Partner to Advance Fiat-to-Crypto Transaction


CommPRO Editorial Staff

Only two months after the cryptocurrency market capitalization exceeded $1 trillion, it doubled itself and made the milestone of $2 trillion in early April, bringing the whole world’s attention to the cryptocurrency market again.

There is no doubt that cryptocurrency is gaining momentum globally, and the crypto world remains an industry full of possibilities. With Bitcoin’s price skyrocketed since last year and the DeFi market fully bloomed, insightful players are unlocking boundless potentials, and this is exactly what BitMart aims to help its users achieve as a premier digital assets trading platform. With its strategic partnership with MoonPay, a global payment solution for cryptocurrency, BitMart will continue serving everyone with innovative products and a seamless trading experience.

Reliability means everything to a trading platform. In the past three years, BitMart has been securing over 2.2 million users’ digital assets. BitMart has equipped itself with advanced anti-fraud blockchain technology supported by itself and strategic partners worldwide, which empowered it to provide a stable and hacker-resistant trading system. BitMart is also making huge progress in the field of compliance since it has obtained both federal-level and state-level Money Services Business (MSB) licenses in the US, and more licenses from other jurisdictions on the way.

To better optimize the trading experience, especially for newcomers to the crypto world, BitMart has been offering Fiat-to-Crypto solutions to its users. One of the strategic long-term partners, MoonPay, serves real-time Fiat-to-Crypto transactions with human-friendly channels supporting various debit/credit cards. On BitMart, you can easily buy up to 42 coins, including BTC, USDT, ETH with 42 fiat currencies supported, including EUR, USD, CAD, AUD, HKD, and more. According to BitMart, it is actively expanding Fiat-related services and is likely to offer Crypto-to-Fiat options for its users in Q2 this year. It believes that achieving a full cycle of Fiat-to-Crypto and Crypto-to-Fiat options will further boost users’ trading experience.

Many exchanges rely on crypto-to-crypto transactions or stablecoin trading pairs. However, with the digital asset market merging expeditiously with traditional ones, the game has already reached mainstream users. For those who have been taking a wait-and-see approach towards cryptocurrencies but feeling eager to step out for the first time, MoonPay is the ideal choice for their first try, serving as a bridge guiding them to the crypto world. For those who have immersed themselves in the crypto market, MoonPay can further advance their transactions by making them safer, quicker, and simpler. The purchase journey will undoubtedly be an incredibly intuitive and pleasant one.

This is a powerful alliance between BitMart and MoonPay, and a chance for crypto-lovers to gain one of the most satisfactory trading experiences. “Connectivity means possibility,” BitMart CEO and Founder Sheldon Xia said. “Our partnership with MoonPay has made it much easier to open up the crypto world for mainstream users, offering them fast, easy, and highly-secured fiat-crypto transfer options. Let’s bring cryptocurrencies to the masses.”

Source: Blockchain Wire