Big News for Cold Coffee and Experience a VR Roller Coaster – Highlights from the Latest BizWireTV


Presented by JetBlue (NASDAQ:JBLU), the latest episode of BizWireTV gets you ready for summer as Starbucks sees the future of coffee, and it’s cold. Another summer staple, amusement parks, see a leap into the future as Six Flags launches a virtual reality roller coaster. Watch the full episode for stories featuring Whirlpool, Skyscanner, the WWE and more on BizWireTV – now featuring the Top Five Most-Shared Stories of the Week.

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Top of the Wire:

Whirlpool launches Vessi on Indiegogo (NYSE:WHR)

Girls Who Invest launches summer intensive program

This week’s QUICK BIZ HITS:

Skyscanner makes travel easier

Ford helps drivers go further (NYSE:F)

T-Mobile prepares for 2016 hurricane season (NASDAQ:TMUS)

Six Flags launches new VR coaster (NYSE:SIX)

And the Top 5 Most Shared Stories of the Week:

Tubular Labs raises serious funding

AmpMe gets help innovating sound system

2K makes big announcement for WWE 2K17 (NASDAQ:TTWO)

Starbucks innovates cold coffee (NASDAQ:SBUX)

Bethany Hamilton wows at Fiji Women’s Pro

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