#BetterforBalance. We’ll All Be Better For It


Cary Broussard, CEO, Broussard Global

I want to accelerate gender equity practices in corporate management and in the boardroom. So I designed a course for NYU’s School for Professional Studies, where I’ve been an adjunct professor for several years. I collaborated with a young engineer, Brittney Cummins, who also teaches leadership skills to young women in universities to offer a course on Building and Managing a Gender Inclusive Team.

Well, not everyone wants or has the time to take an 8-week course! So for those who want to meet half way, we’re publishing the “pocket guide” of the course here with #betterforbalance steps to build and manage a gender inclusive team. Our goal is to motivate leaders to take action now. We’ll all be better for it. 

Strengthening Your Inner #GenderforBalance Core

  • Understand that each employee, customer, shareholder, supplier identifies with gender through a unique lens, experiencing societal pressures, cultural and religious influences.
  • Consider your own perspective on gender, how it developed and may be developing.
  • Walk in the shoes of someone who is different from you (transgender, female, divorced, pregnant, male, other) by interviewing them. Ask them about their concerns/needs in the workplace. Make it your intention to gain feedback and perspective from under-represented professionals in the workplace.
  • Assess whether you are in alignment with those you surround yourself. How are you evolving to be a #BetterforBalance leader?

Evaluate Your Organization’s Perspective on Gender Equity

  • Be willing to honestly assess your organization’s current gender inclusivity and leadership programs (or lack thereof), and how it affects your business. Rate #BetterforBalance on a scale of 1-10 with 10 being balanced.
  • Read articles and listen/watch interviews about #BetterforBalance and gender workplace issues.

Find a “safe haven” such as a course on diversity where you can ask questions openly and honestly about your perspective and those of others about gender issues. New York University, The George Washington University Center for Excellence in Public Leadership, almost every University offering diplomas, has woken up to the benefits of diversity and inclusivity. 

Benchmark to Be #BetterforBalance

  • Evaluate Your Organization’s Gender Culture: What Needs to Change? Why Change? Should it Change?
  • Write your own exit interview. Why would you stay in your company? Why would you go?
  • Assess any compensation disparities, testing and measuring strategies. Are genders truly treated equally in your organization? If not, why not? Is there a good reason or no good reasons
  • Bring outside ideas into the inside. Chose an organization you admire and wish to emulate. Identify leaders internally and externally with whom you can learn from and collaborate.
  • Identify metrics that measure stakeholder success (employees and customer return, shareholder value, community outreach, and vendor alignment).
  • Review flextime, family leave policies and the importance of communication strategies.
  • Review Case Study/Research on the pros and cons of diversity Initiatives.
  • Assess the pain points it will take to measure financial results of creating change within an organization.
  • Develop a change communication plan w/message points. Find internal and external brand ambassadors.

Set Goals/Develop/Training/Succession Planning

  • You now have a glimpse into the tools, the insights and the experience needed to create your #GenderforBalance Succession Plan.
  • Put short and long term planning in place, focusing on employee recognition, compensation, life/family planning, child care, flextime, avoiding discrimination cases/HR & legal
  • Review local, national and global research on the pros and cons of a diverse and inclusive economy.
  • Decide if you want to set Industry standards and the importance of being a long term, profitable leader in your industry. We’ll all be better for it.
  • Cary and her company Broussard Global work across all industries to create inclusive, brand-defining marketing programs. Her book, From Cinderella to CEO is published in 10 languages, and her podcast Cinderella CEO On Air can be found on iTunes and Spreaker.
  • She recently launched The Cinderella to CEO Awards, recognizing the modern day transformations of women with CEO qualities. Go to https://www.cinderellaceoawards.comfor more information.

Cary leading a panel discussion at New York University on strategies to strengthen the overall workplace through gender-diverse hiring and retention practices.

#BetterforBalance. We'll All Be Better For It

  • Cary Broussard, NYU Adjunct Professor; Founder,From Cinderella to CEO programs
  • Rachel Barnett, General Counsel & Board Member, Travelzoo (NASDAQ:TZOO)
  • Leslie Grossman, Faculty Director, Center for Excellence in Public Leadership, George Washington University
  • Betty Spence, President, National Association of Female Executives and co-founder, Executive Women for Her (EW4H)

Cary BroussardAbout the Author: Cary is a New York University adjunct professor in the Tisch Center for Hospitality, Travel and Tourism and owns Broussard Global, a cause-related, public relations and marketing company.  A communications and brand management expert and long time advocate for women, Cary engages audiences globally about how to successfully navigate issues affecting career and the workplace.

Her company works across all industries to create inclusive, brand-defining marketing programs. Her book, From Cinderella to CEO is published in 10 languages. Her podcast CinderellaCEO On Air can be found on iTunes.

A long time PR & marketing executive with Wyndham, she helped grow the company from 40 hotels to 7,000. Cary has also held executive positions with the American Cancer Society, The Peabody Hotel, U.S. Senator Howard Baker, Meeting Professionals International and the Alliance for Women in Media.  Background and websites: www.broussardglobal.com,  www.cinderellaceo.com, https://www.linkedin.com/in/carybroussard