Become a Better Seller, Become a Better Marketer

Always Be Closing

At its most basic, marketing is the act of selling or promoting products and services. If you consider yourself a part of the marketing tribe, this definition isn’t news to you.

But it’s time for a gut check: Promoting and selling are not mutually exclusive. As a marketer, your ability to promote depends on your ability to sell.

Knowing how your products are sold connects you with buyers; connecting with buyers provides insight into the roadblocks they encounter as they research, purchase, and use your products and services.

Failing to understand your customers’ mindset and buying cycle can impact everything — from how you create and distribute marketing content to how you launch products and resolve customer service issues.

Selling makes you a better marketer. If you’re not currently a closer, you need to become one.

The First Step Is Acceptance

Repeat after me: “My name is [your name], and I have a selling problem.” Rather, you have a problem from lack of selling.

It’s 2016. The silos between sales and marketing are melting away as we all drive towards the singular goal of generating revenue efficiently.

It’s imperative that marketers understand, support, and empower their sellers.

All too often marketers focus much (if not all) of their energy and attention on creation and promotion. However, marketing is rooted in selling, and can be a significant enablement tool and sales generator.

When Gutenberg invented movable type, he enabled businesses and individuals to economically deliver stories to the masses. This revolution helped launch advertising, which evolved into marketing.

The end goal now is the same as it was at the beginning: Create visibility, generate engagement, and close revenue.



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