Be the One People Also Ask

Jill Kurtz, Owner, Kurtz Digital Strategy

When someone searching a question in Google (and more and more people do just that), “People also ask” is included in the search results page. This is another opportunity for websites to come up in the top of Google search results.


Each of these questions can be expanded using a drop down menu to see the answer. The answers offer a link for continued reading in the page they have been drawn from.

More often than not, Google creates question boxes for the most often searched terms.

Google Responds to Location Tracking CriticismHow You Become Google’s Answer

Google draws answers from websites based on authority. Sites that are ranked highly around a keyword and topic are most likely to be tapped.

Equally important is making it easy for Google to find your answer to these questions. Include a question and answer format on relevant web pages. Phrase both according to keyword relevance.

The quality of your content matters here more than whatever algorithm beyond authority Google uses. The more clear, well-structured and informative your content, the more sense it will make for Google to choose your content over other websites.

When trying to rank for as an answer in a People Also Ask question, optimize like you would for a featured snippet: answer the question in a clear, concise, authoritative way. Overall, taking this “question/answer” approach to content will provide a better user experience by aligning to user intent with relevant content.

Best Practices for Writing Q&A

  • Use targeted keywords in headlines and questions
  • Offer a series of questions and answers, starting with an easy-to-understand definition (What is a …)
  • Offer unique content and include visual and video assets whenever possible