Be Aware: 2017 Hiring Trends


2017 Hiring TrendsMarie Raperto, The Hiring Hub

The hiring season has begun and hiring trends are emerging.  While some aspects of interviewing will stay the same, technology is starting to make a huge difference as are the skills employers need and want. Understanding how the interviewing process is changing, will give you an edge.  According to the Addison Group,  expect the following trends:

  1.  More Interactive Interviews.  Panels, one-on-one sessions, and phone screens will continue to be in use, but video interviewing will expand.  Why?  It allows hiring managers to get a ‘feel’ for a candidate’s personality and it lowers hiring costs.  Look for these interviews to become more common in the early screening phases of interviewing.
  2. Skills.  The Addison Group sees a rise in companies seeking specialized skills.  They believe that candidates with specialized experiences, when combined with more working experience than junior candidates, will find greater success in the job hunt.
  3. Technology.  Technological fluency will be critical for success in today’s job market.  There is a high demand for candidates invested in learning or those who have already applied technology to their work.  Your proficiency with various technology/tools should be highlighted on your resume.

Stay ahead of hiring trends!


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