B2С Social Media Marketing Mistakes


Neil Helson, Marketing Manager, Blurbpoint Media

Undoubtedly, social media is still one of the most powerful digital marketing platforms around, albeit with unique marketing challenges. The trends in social media keep changing, and this change holds a real meaning when it’s about B2C businesses. That’s because in the B2C sector, customers gain an immense level of power to control everything from service propositions to product features.

But, often, the B2C marketers commit serious mistakes when it comes to marketing their business through social media. If you simply notice some of the past scenarios, you will find there have been strict tracking by customer groups and enough empowerment by them as well. This ensures such mistakes made in the B2C won’t be repeated.

To ensure you don’t end up committing such mistakes which can really degrade your business, here I am with a list of five such biggest mistakes which you should avoid to keep your B2C business safe.
Just have a look!

1. Offering content without any reason

When it comes to some of the most biggest mistakes that B2C marketers usually commit while doing social marketing then it is one of the most prominent ones. If you are onto B2C business, then the each and every piece of content you upload in various social media platforms should be powerful and meaningful, otherwise it won’t leverage all the marketing channels to target the right kind of audience.

2. Opting for overposting

It might be a sure deal that you could post multiple tweets in a single day but believe me, it doesn’t work for all kind of platforms. So, make sure that you understand the norm of every social media platform. Otherwise, it might annoy your customers, and it’s quite natural that if you do so then you can’t expect them to stick around you.

3. Going silent

Social media is meant for engagement. So, you should never allow social media to go dead. When customers find that the product they are looking for are not committed to the social media platforms where they are active then they will usually end up considering such items as going to be discontinued.

Ensure that you are being active on social media platforms at the right time and while showcasing the right stuff. Thus, your customers will be aware of your business all the time!

4. Not nurturing the leads

Imagine that you’ve already built a potential relationship with your leads. Now, what do you think that your work is done? B2C marketers have made this mistake over the time and thus they have suffered even.

Aalways keep a keen eye out for content and posts on social media which could be useful for your customers and always share them. You should definitely give due importance to your leads all the time, because it will allow you to always stay in touch with potential customers. Thus, you will be able to research your audience thoroughly, and you could show them that how grateful you are for them.

5. Choosing too many platforms

It happens! You might think that to start off with as many platforms as you can boost your social media marketing strategy. But, after a certain period of time, you start feeling it quite tedious to maintain so many accounts. Then, you finally end up with some breaks in information and inaccurate data. Well, many B2C social media marketers have done the same mistake.

But, it’s time to understand that you should act smart, identify exactly on which social media networks your audiences are most active, and showcase your business primarily on those platforms.


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