Authenticity: The Opposite of Spin


Many thanks to Spin Sucks for featuring our Brand Authenticity Survey findings! Erase spin from your brand’s reputation and become more authentic by…

1. Making your leaders more accessible to the media.

If you want an organization to seem more authentic, you need to make your or your client’s CEO, leaders, and experts more accessible. Television is the best opportunity to build authenticity. While there is an increased focus on influencer marketing, an accessible CEO has more potential to grow an organization’s influence and trust.


2. Focusing on increasing a CEO’s presence on local television.

But is the CEO you work with ready for prime time? It makes sense to first focus on increasing a CEO’s presence on local television. This will allow them to become a better communicator while the stakes are lower.

You need to be turning the CEO into an influencer by preparing them for interviews, developing media pitches that resonate, and most importantly, getting them in front of the media to communicate your message.


3. Earning media by utilizing social media video.

An increased social media presence for CEOs is a path to more earned media. Our survey found 81 percent of journalists are getting their story ideas from social.

Having a social media presence on issues increases the opportunity for CEOs to be included in stories about these relevant topics.

Do you place the CEO in question on panels or speaking engagements at topical events? What’s new is these events can be broadcast live on multiple social channels and even provided directly to broadcasters and other journalists. This trend toward social media driving other coverage will continue to accelerate.

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