Artificial Intelligence Accelerates Healthcare Marketing

CommPRO Editorial Staff

Arterica healthcare digital marketing agency announced that President and Co-founder Hans Kaspersetz was selected to present, “Artificial Intelligence Super Hearing for Healthcare Marketers — Making AI & Machine Learning Practical,” at the second MedDev eMarketing Summit East. The event will take place at The Westin Philadelphia in Philadelphia, PA on November 29 and November 30, 2017. The meeting is expected to attract more than 120 marketing and commercial leaders from pharmaceutical, biotech, medical device, and health information technology companies.

Mr. Kaspersetz, a thought leader in healthcare digital marketing, is eager to discuss an emerging topic that will set the stage for brands’ successes or failures in the immediate future, “Artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning, especially natural language processing, are transforming how people consume information today. AI creates opportunities for brands and expectations from consumers that are unlike any that brands have previously experienced in the modern advertising age. The risks, opportunities, and impact of these changes are critical for marketers to grasp.” Mr. Kaspersetz continues, “Yet the questions I hear from clients suggest that marketers aren’t clear on exactly how AI delivers competitive advantage or the actions that brands must take immediately to aggregate and retain essential data and implement AI effectively. These are some of the key points that I’ll discuss during the presentation.”

Simon Curtis, co-founder and CEO of Curtis & Coulter, the meeting’s organizer, shared his thoughts on Mr. Kaspersetz’s presentation, “November’s Summit will share technologies driving the forefront of digital communication in healthcare. We are excited to include Arteric as a sponsor and delighted to include Arteric’s president Hans Kaspersetz to present on the game-changing area of artificial intelligence, machine learning, latent semantic analysis, search data, and personalization. This area goes hand in hand with 2017’s keynote speaker, John Nosta, who will present on the impact of technology on the overall digital health revolution. We are excited to welcome this outstanding array of technological experts to our annual interactive industry event.”

Mr. Kaspersetz adds, “The models that marketers apply to connect audiences with their content are undergoing a tectonic shift. We are moving from content strategy and generalized answers to conversational design and ultrapersonalization. Understanding the role that data and AI play in this revolution, knowing how and when to apply AI, and ensuring that your brand collects and retains relevant data will result in a competitive advantage that will be difficult for slower competitors to overcome.”