Are You Ready for Q4? Take This Brand Refresh Quiz

Lisa Hazen, Account Manager, Communication Strategy Group

The weather is getting cooler and the days are getting shorter, which can mean only one thing: Q4 is coming!

Traditionally, the last quarter is when sales teams make a big push to close the year, however it is also a perfect time for marketing teams to refresh, re-energize and revitalize their company brands, according to Arthur Germain, Principal and Chief Brandteller for Communication Strategy Group.

Brand Refresh Quiz

Germain suggests that marketers take this simple quiz to better understand where they might need assistance with their brand story. Marketers should score each statement from 1 to 5, the higher the number the more positive they feel about each statement. A total score of lower than 30 highlights awareness that it might be time to refresh and reenergize your brand efforts, says Germain.

  • We are able to clearly articulate our brand story.
  • Our brand story differs from our competitors.
  • Our brand is memorable to our customers.
  • Our visuals (logos, website, graphics) complement and support our brand story.
  • We consciously promote our brand story.
  • We practice the 3-Cs (Consistent Cadence of Communication).
  • We promote our milestones and showcase our thought leadership.
  • We meaningfully educate and inform our prospects.
  • We provide multiple vehicles for prospects to learn about our company.
  • We offer a “pathway of information” leading to a sale.
  • Our company spokespeople are “media ready.”
  • Our presentations “WOW” our audiences.
  • We have strong and memorable “leave-behinds” for our presentation audiences.

An honest assessment of your brand story will lead to more effective marketing, branding and sales results.

About the Author: Lisa Hazen has over 20 years experience implementing multi-faceted marketing and business plans and initiatives for business to business (B2B) and business to consumer (B2C) clients. Lisa has held senior-level marketing and management roles in the software security industry for 10 years and the health and beauty industry for over 5 years.