Are You One Of Those? 16 Not-To-Be’s

A new book, Small Mistakes, BIG ConsequencesMarie Raperto, The Hiring Hub

Are you one of those?  You know, those office mates who talk too much, mooch from you/others, blame everyone etc.  They are everywhere and, yes, we all can be one without realizing it.

A new book, Small Mistakes, BIG Consequences, by Anne Corley Baum, will help you discover 16 personality types.  Ms. Baum cleverly  and concisely identifies them, offers advice on how not to be one and gives solutions on how to deal with them.  Whether you work with a transmitter, a solver, the smart phone checker or a gossip etc., the author has been there and knows how to handle the situation.  She will teach you how to work with others from your body language to your ability to make conversation and listen.

Looks can be deceiving.  This small, witty book can pack a big punch.  Whether you are new to the business world or a professional, this book can help you navigate the world of office politics as well as hone your management skills.

My suggestion:  Help that problem office worker self-identify.  Maybe a birthday gift?

Small Mistakes, BIG Consequences, Develop Your Soft Skills To Help You Succeed by Anne Corley Baum (Momosa publishing LLC, ISBN 978-1-7323016-2-7, e-book ISN 978-1-732301-2-7 $10.00.