Are Websites Ancient History?

Are Websites Ancient History?


Ronn Torossian, CEO, 5WPR

That might seem true if your website isn’t appearing on searches and isn’t adding to your income by way of sales or leads. But this is generally the gateway through which customer still shop. So, how do marketers improve search results for their company? 

The Solutions And More Questions 

All marketers know that search engine optimization or SEOs need to be used often in crafting messages for consumers. However, SEOs are just one of the many handy ways to capture the attention of search engines. Content relevance and quality, customer objective and experience, as well as inbound links, can also have positive and negative effects on where they appear in search results.  

If you’re already employing all these things, perform an audit of your website. Look at your content. Is it customer focused? When they visit your site, are they comforted in learning how your product will solve their problem or be helpful? In one sentence, can you describe what you offer? 

Customers type words into search engines to find what they’re seeking. Are those words the same as yours? Find out! This is where knowing customer interests and concerns are critical. 

It stands to reason that your website must not only be appealing, but also contain the information a customer is seeking. It may be pretty and colorful but if it’s useless, customers will exit rather quickly. Pay very close attention to what you’ve learned about your customers, their interests and needs. Give them the assurance that what you have to offer fits perfectly. 

If you’re selling services, talk about the main issues and questions you receive and communicate both the pragmatic and emotional benefits of working with your organization. If it’s several, use bullet points. They’re a lot easier to read and remember. 

Don’t forget the power of pictures and/or video. Employ them whenever you can to reinforce how your product or service will meet their needs. 

Personalization and Customer Reviews 

Everyone loves a good story. It personalizes things and is inviting. It could be anything from how the business got started to how the idea for a certain product or service evolved into a viable commodity. Even a story or two about an employee who was honored for volunteerism or who worked their way through school at your company, took advantage of your scholarship program and graduated magna sum laude from college would be very well-received. 

Use favorable customer reviews to validate and reinforce your messaging. If you haven’t been seeking them, it’s not too late to start soliciting and using them. 

In the same vein, make it easy for website visitors to keep updated. Give them the option to sign up for news, product information, etc., or to leave their own comments. If they feel they can contact you for whatever reason, you’ve already begun establishing credibility. 

94% of survey respondents said navigating a website is paramount to them. How easy is it to navigate yours? How many clicks must one make to find information? Do you own deep dive into your website and see for yourself. 

Don’t give up yet on websites. They are still extremely valuable and are expected to be around for a while.

Ronn TorossianAbout the Author: Ronn Torossian is CEO of 5WPR, a leading Public Relations agency.