Are Judgments Killing Your Productivity?


Dr. Andrew Gardella

When you get things done quickly, with ease, and without any difficulty, you don’t have any judgments in that area. When you are having difficulty in any area of your life, you have some judgment, some fixed point of view that keeps things from moving forward. When you don’t have a judgment, you are present and are in the flow and can choose whatever is going to work. Judgment isn’t about choosing what works. It is about being right and how any other point of view is wrong. Your judgments are the chain and stake in the ground. You can only go so far without taking off the chain or pulling up the stake. Also, having a judgment in any area keeps you from seeing any other possibility besides what you have already decided.

So, instead of using your energy and ability to create forward momentum, you use it to keep gathering evidence about how what you have already decided is right, true, or real. You invest your energy and time in maintaining your judgments, rather than creating something that works. Another way of looking at this is your energy goes with your attention. Are you putting your attention on accomplishing a task and creating with ease? Or are you focusing on how long it is going to take and how difficult it is going to be?

One more thing, you might not be conscious of your judgments. They could be subconsciously hanging out making your life difficult. So, if you are having difficulty, if you feel like you are coming up against invisible barriers or feel like you have one foot on the gas and one on the brake with what you are creating, maybe it is time to get rid of some judgments.

What can you do to change your judgments?

Asking a question opens you up to a different possibility. It starts to unstick you from your judgments and fixed points of view, whether they are consciousness or unconscious. Asking a question gets you to look at/for what other choices you have available. The point of asking questions isn’t to get an answer either. It is to gain awareness about what is going to work this time. Lots of times I see clients get caught up by this. They asked a question once for a project and got a hit on what was going to work. The project works out great and with ease. Then the next project they assume it will still work and they run into difficulty. Asking questions is about being strategic and how-to best use what you have available in each moment. When you have judgments and fixed points of view, they make you inflexible to change.

Below are some examples of questions you can ask/use to rid yourself of judgments.

  • What are the 5 easiest ways I can accomplish this? Many times, we just look for only one way to do something and again get fixated on that. There are multiple ways to create or accomplish things.
  • What is going to work here? Might seem simple, but often times we assume what worked in the past will work now. You know what they say about assumptions.
  • What is right about this I am not getting? With clients tend to get stuck on something with a creation or hit a roadblock. I have them ask this question. Making yourself wrong and judging yourself doesn’t create any forward movement. Acknowledging the right gets you out of the wrong.
  • How does it get any better than this? Ask this after each accomplishment, choice, or action you take. If you are constantly asking for better and more, better and more can show up. You start to put yourself into a constant state of creation, rather than being happy with the status quo. Asking this question can help you out-create your previous successes and failures.
  • How can I use this to my advantage? Ask this question for everything good that you are creating and everything that is bad. Everything can be a contribution to your life and to your business when you are willing to have it. If you see something as a disadvantage, you create it as such.


About the Author: Dr. Andrew Gardella graduated from Case Western Reserve University Magna Cum Lade with degrees in Biology, Psychology, and Cognitive Science. He graduated from Palmer College of Chiropractic in Florida. Along with various chiropractic techniques, Dr. Andrew is a facilitator for a range of Access Consciousness special programs, including facilitating Being You. He is available for group sessions, bodywork sessions, and phone consultations. Follow on Twitter at @RightVoiceForU.








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