Applying For A Job? Don’t Use Linkedin


How to Use LinkedIn for Business and Personal GrowthMarie Raperto, The Hiring Hub

I recently came across an article on that I found very interesting. The article points out why you shouldn’t use the Easy Apply option on LinkedIn when you answer a job posting. Since searching for the appropriate job and then customizing your resume to fit the description takes time, you want to make sure your resume gets the attention it deserves. Here are the reasons why you shouldn’t use Easy Apply.

  1. When an ‘Easy Apply” is received by a hiring manager/recruiter, they only see a snapshot of your LinkedIn profile. Most profiles are not complete so you are probably wasting your time.
  2. The posting may ask for a cover letter or you may want to include one, but Easy Apply doesn’t sent it.
  3. Easy Apply supplies the hiring manager with a list of candidates that have responded.  It includes: Your picture, Name, Location and Headline. So that’s what someone sees and they have to decide from this if they want to look at your resume.
  4. LinkedIn may not be able to read your resume correctly. Since LinkedIn wants people to use their platform, your PDF my not work well.

If you do decide to use Easy Apply, make sure your profile is complete and full of relevant key words. Your headline should be the job title you want to use (not necessarily the one you have) and your photo should be professional looking.