An Investment Idea That’s Heaven Sent


Thomas J. Madden, Chairman and CEO, Transmedia Group

As the economic outlook has suddenly turned ominous, U.S. investors may have more stomach-churning weeks ahead.  Pray brothers, we get through it.

Last week, the S&P 500-stock index fell by 4.6 percent, its worst weekly drop since March. Stocks are now down 1.5 percent this year. More volatility could be in store with the arrest of that prominent Chinese technology executive.

You can count on this adding new strains to the relationship between Washington and Beijing, which face a March deadline to reach a trade deal.  OMG!  March!

What to invest in?

So under these circumstances and in these perilous times, what are you investing in?

A leaner, meaner General Motors?  Apple at these incredibly low levels?  Upwardly mobile Microsoft?  Those over-sold, woefully neglected banks?

No, I’m not Zacks, The Street, TD Ameritrade or even the seer himself, Jim Cramer.  But I am a sort of investment advisor, albeit an intuitive one with a miraculous track record.   I once broke my neck, but recovered 100%.  True!

An Investment Idea That's Heaven SentBreaking News!

My main pick these days is one I’m willing to share with you at no charge.  I’ll give it to you completely free and without you having to listen to a whole spiel or pore through a rigmarole of puffed-up evidence of how prescient, perspicacious I am about investing and my vast knowledge of the market.

My #1 Pick

I’ll tell you right off, here and now, what I’m recommending everyone invest in—HEAVEN.

That’s right, heaven.   Instead of investing in high-dividend stocks like Bill Gates, invest in those pearly gates.

No, I’m not a priest or preacher or a holy roller.  I just know a great, timely investment when I sense one.  And who wouldn’t want to own a piece of heaven?  Even a sliver of that silver-lining.

So I highly recommend following God’s commandments, be sure to do this . . . don’t do that.

Be a good, loving person and especially one who cares about others.  That’s so important, it bears repeating . . . care about others!

Do this and I guarantee this investment will pay you handsome dividends like you won’t believe.  And forevermore.

And you can take that to the bank . . . if there still is one.

Thomas Madden - The Art of PRAbout the Author: Thomas Madden is CEO of TransMedia Group, one of the largest independent PR firms in Florida, where it currently operates. The firm’s clients have included AT&T, American Red Cross, City of New York, GL Homes, Jordache Enterprises, McCormick and Schmick’s, Rexall Sundown, Stanley Steemer.  

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