American Holiday Behavior Explained (Survey)


Survey Exposes Holiday Attitudes, Habits and Traditions of America’s Political Parties

Editor’s Note: Americans looking to plan the perfect holiday gathering now have one more tool at their disposal – a study that compares political affiliation to holiday celebration. Research reveals that taking a look at the political ideation of your guests could help strategize your event – including gift giving, conversation topics, décor and music. Russell Herder, a Minneapolis creative and research firm, conducted a nationwide survey to learn more about the behaviors of Americans during the holidays. The findings exposed political stereotypes along with unique holiday traditions.  

Who is the merriest? Republicans (77%) are more likely to feel happy and jolly during the holidays as compared to Democrats (63%), Independents (61%) and those unaffiliated with a particular party (47%). In trying to spread the holiday cheer, Republicans tend to buy for a longer list of people. They are almost two times more likely to buy for coworkers than Democrats and the non-affiliated. Democrats show their holiday spirit differently. They are more likely to imbibe several drinks at office holiday parties (26%) compared to Republicans (19%) and Independents (17%). And the desire to share the joy of the season for Democrats is often expressed with executing the perfect event. They are more likely to take the reins in the kitchen – cooking the feast solo – compared to the Republicans and Independents preferring all hands on deck for preparing the big holiday meal. While there are differences, there are also a few popular traditions and attitudes that bring Americans together during the holidays. The parties all have similar tastes when it comes to favorite holiday tunes (favoring classic songs such as ‘Rudolph’ and ‘Rockin’ Around the Christmas Tree’) and decorating styles (with Santa as an inspiration more than designers or celebrities). Finally, everyone can agree they need a break from politics. If given the chance to invite a political candidate to a holiday meal, at least a third of individuals in each political category state that their table “is full”, thank you very much.

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