Always Late? 5 Tips To Break The Habit


Marie Raperto, The Hiring Hub

Always Late- 5 Tips To Break The HabitAlways late?   It can be holding you back professionally.  It can make you look bad no matter how hard you work.  It can aggravate your boss as well as your co-works.  PayScale offers these steps to help you break the habit.

  1.  Understand that it matters.  People don’t know why you are late so they make assumptions.  Lateness can show a lack of interest and consideration, disorganization and unreliability.
  2. You will be more productive.  You won’t be playing catchup or feel rattled about joining a meeting late.
  3. Prioritize being on-time.  Learn to allow time for unplanned events such as transit delays, traffic backups.  Leave 10-20 minutes earlier than you have been.
  4. Buy a new alarm clock.  Shop around and find one that will work for you.  Louder snooze alarms or, maybe, no snooze feature.  One that starts your morning coffee?  Perhaps, in addition to your alarm clock, you add a few alarms to your phone and Alexa.
  5. Be organized.  Learn to put things in place so you don’t have to search for them at the last minute.

Being early will give you time to enjoy your coffee, breakfast or speaking with co-workers.  It can also help you get out of the office on time.