Alpha Sigma Capital, DigiFinex, BitMart, Emirex and Everest Join EmiDAO Alliance


CommPRO Editorial Staff

EmiSwap is the first product in the ecosystem of EmiDAO, a truly autonomous DAO designed with new ideas and advancements in DeFi. With the ESW governance token at the heart of the ecosystem, EmiDAO enables 100% of projects’ profit distribution among ESW token holders.

All the members of the EmiDAO alliance are exposed to the ecosystem projects, launching with the first project EmiSwap, the members of EMIDAO will vote on what new initiatives and projects to launch in the future.

Alpha Sigma Capital Ltd. (Bermuda) is an investment fund focused on emerging blockchain companies that are successfully building their user-base, demonstrating real-world uses for their decentralized ecosystems, and moving blockchain technology towards mass-adoption. ASC is focused on companies leveraging blockchain technology to provide value-add in areas such as fintech, AI, supply chain, and healthcare.

“The EmiDAO ecosystem is an entry point for companies and projects that are interested in developing new projects and initiatives in DeFi. Decentralized finance is still in its early stages but with over $38 billion USD in DeFi systems alone, we are seeing more and more capital committed to these platforms and new ideas and initiatives that are innovative and compelling. EmiDAO will allow new participants and developers to leverage the platform in a true DAO environment.” commented Enzo Villani, Member of Alpha Sigma Capital Ltd. (Bermuda).

In addition to Alpha Sigma Capital, the DigiFinex, BitMart, and Emirex exchanges have joined EmiDAO to provide liquidity to the EmiSwap protocols and list the Emirex and ESW token on their exchanges. Everest has also joined EmiDAO and is supporting the EmiSwap project with its global banking platform that will be integrating eKYC (Know Your Customer), AML (Anti-Money Laundering), whitelist-as-a-service, and fiat-in/out ramps.

Source: Blockchain Wire