Agency Search Checklist: 10 Things to Build into Your Next Agency Search


Finding the right agency is one of the most important decisions business, marketing and corporate communications leaders make. A thorough and well-structured agency search process provides companies the best opportunity to find the right agency or consultant for an agency-of-record or project.

This Agency Search Checklist from CommunicationsMatch and RFP Associates helps companies track the steps required for conducting a comprehensive search. It highlights the importance of defining the scope of work, measures of success and budget to guide a search from beginning to end. It includes conducting a comprehensive review of agencies, using an RFQ or an RFP to select finalists, and offers suggestions for successful agency onboarding.

The Agency Search Checklist is a simple path to follow best practices outlined in the companies’ “Client Guide to PR and Communications Agency Search.  For agency search guides, research, videos and articles, go to the CommunicationsMatch Agency Search Resources page.

Download the Communications & PR Agency Search Checklist

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