ADWKDC 2018 (Washington, DC)


About the Event.


The event is designed for professionals in the fields of marketing and communications. Attendees are from every level in branding, advertising and PR agencies, tech companies, startups, media outlets, and corporate communications units working in and around Washington, DC.


ADWKDC provides opportunities for networking along with keynotes, workshops and panels on relevant topics presented by proven industry talent. 

The event has taken many different forms since its launch more than 10 years ago and has continued to evolve to best meet the needs of the region.


Unlike conferences of similar size and scope across the country, ADWKDC takes a more unique focus on the local DC market and places a stronger emphasis on diversity of thought and the melding of various disciplines. We encourage our participants to step out of their comfort zones and gain insights in all areas of communications to become more well-rounded at what they do.

Trust and Transparency.

This year’s theme:
October is on the horizon, and our planning for Advertising Week DC (ADWKDC) is in full effect. In 2018, AAF DC celebrates its 100th year as an organization supporting the creative economy in The District. And this year we intend to recognize the professionals who are driving this prosperity and to celebrate the collective growth of this community.

This year’s event theme is “Trust and Transparency.” We believe these characteristics are what grow business, build brands and create successful professionals. During ADWKDC, we intend to highlight growth and sustainable strategies that affect The District’s brands and people, both past (like our 100 year old brand) and present.



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All-access pass includes the one-day conference, and a week’s worth of programming.