Advertising & Publishing Platform Designed with Automated Intelligence in Mind


CommPRO Editorial Staff

Video advertising firm Epiphany Ai has created a platform that uses advanced algorithms and data science to add automated intelligence to the management process of display and video advertising.

“As the advertising and marketing industries continue to collide and consolidate,” said Brian Allen, Epiphany Ai’s chief strategy officer, “a need has been created for a simple end-to-end platform for advertisers, and digital broadcasters, content creators, and publishers.”

For advertisers, Epiphany Ai allows access to filtered inventory through real-time bids, VAST/VPAID compliant tags, or by directly interacting with content creators. The platform also supports industry standard tools including Campaign and Audience managers, and a supply side Exchange. By allowing users to select preset variables that suit their needs Epiphany has taken the mystery out of buying and selling digital inventory. Epiphany’s proprietary automated intelligence technology can boost the ROI of marketing dollars and lowers costs by forecasting the outcomes of marketing efforts through more efficient targeting.

Publishers looking to add a video solution to their site will find that Epiphany Ai has many options for intelligent ad products. The platform supports VAST compliant tags, which work in any VAST compatible video player or ad server. Publishers can also use Epiphany’s HTML5 based VOD and streaming player which is both lightweight and powerful. Publishers can also benefit from automated intelligence through its ability to predict earnings.