About PRIME Research


Who We Are:

PRIME Research is a global leader in strategic communications research and analysis.  With ten locations worldwide, PRIME employs 500 consultants, analysts and support staff who gather, filter, translate and report on media trends across 45 countries.

We provide meaningful and actionable insights based on media trends across all forms:  print, broadcast and digital; traditional and social; trade and consumer.

What We Offer:

News and Social Media Analysis to set objectives; develop strategy and evaluate performance:

  • Quantity: volume, reach, share-of-voice
  • Quality: tone, key messages, spokespeople, issues, endorsement, analyst/ influencer citations and other criteria with flexibility to add content codes to capture changes in requirements
  • Context: over time, versus objectives, against competitors and top companies benchmarks
  • Impact: proprietary approach to link coverage with awareness, recall, perceptions and behavior

Consultation to facilitate PR decision-making:

  • Experienced and expert senior counselors provide interpretive analysis and strategic guidance
  • Proprietary Strategic Cube analysis to prioritize many messaging, media and communications options for PR optimization and competitive advantage.

Executive News Summaries and Streaming News to engage and inform:

  • Drawing from print, broadcast and digital, incorporating trade, consumer, business and social media
  • Timely news digests when you need them capitalizing on PRIME’s global footprint
  • News Summary distribution list management for email, portal and smartphone distribution
  • Translations to English or other designated language from key outlets; links to full text where copyright allows
  • Real and near-real time updates throughout the day around the globe

Statistical Modeling to enhance PR return-on-investment:

  • Link results with awareness, attitudes and behavior working independently or with your research partners
  • Feed PR data to consumer insights for marketing/communications optimization

The Organizations We Serve:

PRIME client experience spans all of the Fortune categories plus government, agencies, NGOs and non-profits.


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