A Visionary Leader in the Fight for Equality, Health, and Human Rights


Meryl Moss Media Staff 

In support of International Women’s Day on Friday, March 8, the influential global health organization, Pathfinder International (www.pathfinder.org), has launched #ForHerFuture.org (www.forherfuture.org), a campaign that spotlights the importance of increased access to contraception for all women worldwide.

Since 1957, Pathfinder has been driven by the conviction that all people, regardless of where they live, have the right to decide whether and when to have children, to exist free from fear and stigma, and to lead the lives they choose. More than 214 million women in low and middle-income countries struggle to obtain family planning services. Being able to choose if, and when, a woman wants children is a fundamental human right.

Lois Quam, President and CEO of Pathfinder International believes deeply in its mission. She has seen up close how the organization helps millions of people around the world pursue their goals because they can decide whether and when to have children. “Empowering women and girls so they can achieve their full potential is critical for solving the biggest global challenges. When women have access to contraception they are able to choose their own path—including whether they want to have children and the timing and spacing of their children—and contribute the most to their communities and the world,” says Quam.

A Rhodes Scholar, Quam has degrees from Oxford University and Macalester College and is on the faculty at Columbia University’s Mailman School of Public Health. Before joining Pathfinder, she served as chief operating officer of The Nature Conservancy and as a senior advisor to Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign. President Obama selected her to head his signature Global Health Initiative at the Department of State, which provided more than $8 billion dollars annually to help solve major health challenges facing millions of individuals across 80 countries. Reporting directly to Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, she advanced a comprehensive strategy to increase U.S. global health diplomacy, created a $200 million public private partnership, and introduced integrated systems approaches for global health problems.

#ForHerFuture.org will raise funds for programs that improve the quality and reach of family planning programs, empowering women, men, and young people. By making donations at www.forherfuture.org, women can take a stand on the importance of contraceptive access for women around the world and donors will have the opportunity to increase the impact of family planning and health programs that support women and young people as they plan for their futures and live healthy and productive lives. 

“We are taking on the new challenges the world faces, whether it is meeting the needs of growing numbers of refugees or removing barriers to make contraception available to millions of adolescents for the first time,” says Quam. “We are committed partners to the courageous people we serve and our work transforms communities.”

By utilizing the resources and programs of Pathfinder International, #ForHerFuture.org will help the world recognize the essential role of family planning services in health and well-being and improve the lives and futures of women, men and young people.

“Let’s be courageous in the fight for equality, health, and human rights. As Pathfinders, we can chart a new path for millions of people by embracing our common humanity,” says Quam.

For more information, visit www.forherfuture.org.

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