A TikTok Cowboy


Bōggie Yanishen

I recently had a chance to chat with Hobbs Magaret on our Be Meaningful podcast. Hobbs is the founder of Sisters Cattle Company, a regenerative beef rancher in Central Oregon. One of the things that caught my attention is how he’s using TikTok as a primary media channel.

A TikTok Cowboy.

His clips stand out from typical social media content which offers little more than momentary distraction because his posts talk about complex and interrelated subjects like ranching, agriculture, land stewardship, forest fires, and FDA regulations; exploring them one facet at a time in simple 60-second clips. 

I find it particularly interesting how Hobbs isn’t just using TikTok as a channel, but as a content studio, creating pithy videos he then shares across all other social media channels.

In the short time Hobbs has been posting, he’s amassed a nice little library of content which you find yourself binge watching on an addictive app like TikTok. The platform allows him to speak with the next generation of ranchers and farmers as well as potential consumers, gathering 89.4K followers to date.

Hobbs is building his brand, as well as his business, on a new approach to ranching and land use. One that is healthier for cattle, consumers and the planet. 

A brand that has meaning.

This is why, when we talk to a prospective client, we always start the conversation with a simple question:

Can you state the goal of your company, without using numbers or dollar signs?

This question gets to the core of a fundamental shift in how business defines wealth.  The rapacious wealth extraction of Shareholder Capitalism is evolving to the wealth sharing of Stakeholder Capitalism. This shift is critical because it crystallizes your brand’s meaning for employees and well as customers. 

We’re talking about vision casting.

Which is what Hobbs is doing in his little TikTok videos.

It’s an unexpected place to find meaningful content, which is why we find it so delightful. And powerful because people are looking for meaning. In what they consume. In the work they do. And in how they spend their time. 

If you’re a CMO, CEO, consumer, investor, employer or employee, this is something you better get right if you want to thrive.

It starts with an honest conversation about your brand. And forming a keen grasp of how you fit into the context of what’s happening in society and what people deeply want. 

I along with my partners at Meaningful, have recently launched the Be Meaningful podcast. It’s where we get on the air with executives to discuss their company in real-time, with a focus on the strength and relevance of the messaging and position of the brand. This podcast allows us to share our thinking in real-time — a free consultation of sorts — in the form of a casual, give-and-take conversation.

If you’re having a private conversation about the challenges and opportunities you and your company are facing, give me a holler. I’d love to chat.

About the Author: Creative by nature and a strategist by trade, Bōggie applies design, culture and technology to the authentic humanizing of brands. He enjoys – and is good at – leading teams in branding, strategy and production of 360 integrated campaigns. In addition to project management, Bōggie excels at listening, understanding and building relationships with everyone, from coders to CEOs.