A Survival Guide for Managing Workplace COVID Discussions


A survival guide for managing workplace COVID discussions


As our national discourse sinks to new lows, take these steps to keep a cool head when tense topics arise.

Dr. Paul White

Well, here we are, 18+ months into dealing with COVID-19. Unfortunately, many challenges remain.

And additional challenges have developed – not only dealing with the actual physical repercussions of the virus – but now having to manage a wide range (and varying intensities) of opinions about COVID-related issues: masks, the vaccine, mandates, safety of our children, and new virus variants to name a few.

The tension is thick in the air – within the culture at large, on the airwaves and internet, within families, and within workplaces.

A number of factors combine to create a significant sense of anxiety for most of us:

  •  The unpredictability of the future.
  •  Conflicting information being shared in the media and on social media.
  •  A resulting confusion in determining who and what to believe.
  •  The strong feelings many have related to underlying values such as individuals’ right to choose, protection of society at large, and the role of government.
  • Ongoing concerns about how the coronavirus will affect us personally and as a society.

So, the tension we feel is justified.

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