A Social Media Survival Guide in the Age of Trump


CommPro.biz Editorial Staff

Ryan Holmes, CEO of Hootsuite has released his book, The 4 Billion Dollar Tweet, showing how social media drives the global media agenda in politics, entertainment, or commerce.

Especially for leaders, if you are not very present and interactive on social media, it is like saying you don’t want a seat at the table. For many, according to Holmes, social is an afterthought or something left to others.

“For company leaders, not understanding social media now represents a serious business liability,” says Ryan Holmes, CEO of Hootsuite. “Being able to personally leverage platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter is a foundational leadership skill. The question is no longer if leaders can afford to be on social, but whether they can afford not to.”

“The elephant in the room for a lot of leaders is, ‘What happens if I make a mistake?'” adds Holmes. “There is no safety net, which is both the power… and the peril. We all make mistakes, but what sets true leaders apart is the ability to own them.”

The 4 Billion Dollar Tweet is a handbook for busy CEOs and company leaders. It’s meant to be a fast to read, like a Tweet, to keep readers up to speed on why social media matters — and more importantly, have a strategic framework for how to get started.

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