A Media Memory – Aussie Style

By Bruce Merchant, Chief Strategist, CommPRO.biz  
Peter Harvey Veteran, Australian, Television Journalist

Peter Harvey
Veteran, Australian, Television Journalist

Back in the early 1970’s I was a rookie reporter in Canberra, Australia, for what was then the Macquarie Broadcasting Network – a national string of AM radio stations that focused on talk and news. In those days there were no satellite feeds; no mobile phones; no internet. For the most part we relied on a land line phone to distribute our reports from the nation’s capital.

I was a one man show, based out of the local radio station, and a small office in Parliament House. The tools of my trade were a note book, a tape recorder and a microphone. My colleagues, collectively known as the Press Gallery, helped one another cover the daily events in what was then a turbulent time in Australian politics. Around 1975 I was informed that Peter Harvey would join me in establishing a “bureau”. This giant of a man, with a deep throated voice, turned up one day. and we immediately hit if off.
Peter Harvey stayed on to become an Australian journalistic icon; I went in other directions. Sadly, Peter is about to depart this earth. He will be missed.
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