A Master Resume: What It Is and How To Create One


Marie Raperto, The Hiring Hub

A master resume is a document that lists absolutely everything you have done and that completely describes all of your work experience.  This will provide you with a simple way to keep everything in one place and it can help you produce a tailored resume quickly.  It will also help you remember dates and titles, etc. for applications.

  1.  First, create a master resume file.  Open a file and list everything you’ve ever done.  Every job you have had and every skill, accomplishment and responsibility.  You can keep it in sections or chronologically.
  2. When a new job opportunity presents itself, go to your master file to create a new, customized resume that shows how you would fit in to this job.  Add in pertinent skill keywords.
  3. You can add in current references with up-to-date contact information, work samples and portfolio links.
  4. Once you have a master resume, you can make a digital copy and delete out non-relevant information or you can copy info to your working resume.

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