#9 MOST-VIEWED REPORT in 2017: CMO Guide

Everything is Still Different

Social media has been a staple of the marketing toolkit for over a decade now, but during those ten years change has been the only constant. New platforms burst onto the scene, and old favourites continue to add ever more sophisticated features, forcing marketers to constantly evolve their skillset to make sure they don’t fall behind.

This ebook provides a 2017 “state of the social media nation” update for marketers. It provides a top level overview of everything you need to know about the current trends and strategies in social – which platforms are worth utilizing, the tactics that work best, and what to expect in the future. You’ll also find advice on how to take a strategic approach to implementing social throughout your organization. Download your copy today to get insight into:

Which Platforms Matter

Why it’s not just about Twitter and Facebook anymore

Understand the Benefits

What can each of the channels do for your business?

Strategy Overview

How are leading brands using social media today?

Paid Social

Understand your options for social media advertising

Visual Listening

How image recognition technology is changing social analytics