#10 MOST-VIEWED EVENT in 2017: Redefining Influencer Marketing (Webinar On-Demand)

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Webinar On-Demand Overview

The idea of influencer marketing isn’t new – companies and brands have used a version of celebrity endorsements or spokespeople for years to connect to audiences on a personal level – but the tactics and the world of influencer marketing have evolved immensely with the advent of social media. Now, the average person can log on to Twitter, Instagram, YouTube and cultivate a following more loyal than any brand. Influencers can connect with and impact audiences more directly and effectively than traditional advertising/outreach, and brands need to know how to effectively connect with them to better reach their own target audiences.

The use of influencers in your marketing strategy can often seem daunting and expensive, with no guarantee of success. Is influencer marketing effective? What is the ROI? What rules or regulations do brands and influencers need to follow? How do you choose the right influencer? How do brands protect themselves?

Join Robert Davis, Executive Director, Content and Social at Ogilvy, Jessica Foreman, Social Media Manager, at Laura Davidson Public RelationsAmisha Gandhi is the Head of Influencer Marketing at SAPLane Adams, Founder at The Three Day Weekend Influencer Collective and our moderator, Serena Ehrlich, Director of Social and Evolving Media at Business Wire in a lively discussion as they define influencer marketing and share how to successfully  incorporate influencers into a larger brand strategy.


Serena Ehrlich - Inside Tips for PR Pros to Master Influencer Marketing Part IISerena Ehrlich
Director of Social and Evolving Media
Business Wire

Expertise: Social Media, Social Marketing, Mobile Marketing, News and Content Creation, Consumption, Distribution and Amplification, Integrated Marketing and PR.

Serena Ehrlich, Director of Social and Evolving Media, provides guidance for internal and external content creation and distribution services, ranging from PR programming to mobile marketing to social media updates. Over the last 25 years, Ehrlich has worked to provide guidance on investor relations, public relations and overall consumer behavior relations trends. Ehrlich started her career in advertising where she developed an understanding of branding from a large-scale perspective, but she credits her 17 years in the newswire industry for placing her at the forefront of the technical, sociological and influential revolution changing the face of today’s customer communications.

Prior to rejoining Business Wire in 2013, Ehrlich designed and implemented successful local, national and international social, mobile and traditional marketing campaigns for brands including Kraft, Kohls, Avon, Mattel, Mogreet and more. A ’91 graduate of Brandeis University with a B.A. in History, Ehrlich was named one of the 2013 Top 25 Women in Mobile to Watch by Mobile Marketer.


Robert Davis
Executive Director, Content and Social

As I write this, I am approaching year nine of a wonderful global adventure with Ogilvy. I hired on as an Interactive Marketing Director (we thought of ourselves as digital Jedi, not too geeked-out, eh?) and proceeded to found two entirely new offerings: the Advanced Video Practice and the Content Marketing Practice. My current role is Executive Director, Content & Social.

Over the years I’ve had the pleasure of working with IBM, DuPont, Nestle and a dozen other firms intent on making the most of the digital landscape. I’ve been invited to sit on global leadership councils charting the future of the agency, and I have served as a formal advisor on JV’s and new business initiatives. Along the way I’ve dined with the President of Malta; addressed audiences in Russia, Portugal and New Jersey (among other exotic locales); and had the panic-inducing experience of presenting on stage ahead of Baratunde Thurston at Google Think immediately after being caught without a brolly in a London downpour.  Ogilvy has not only given me room to fly, they cleared the runway. I wouldn’t change a moment of it.


Jessica Foreman
Social Media Manager
Laura Davidson Public Relations

Jessica Foreman is Laura Davidson PR’s social media strategist, consultant, and influencer specialist for the NYC-based travel/ lifestyle public relations agency. She has overseen award-winning social media campaigns for clients in the hospitality space, including a recent influencer campaign for Brooklyn Marriott which earned her the 2016 HSMAI Adrian Awards’ first gold award in new category, influencer marketing.

​ As the agency’s social media manager, Jessica spearheaded LDPR’s first-ever Social Media Summit for more than 70 international hotel and tourism board executives, media experts and travel industry professionals to explore social media trends that are shaping consumer travel experiences and hospitality brand marketing strategies in 2017 and beyond. Jessica is an Instagram shopaholic, member of the PR Council Influencer Committee, and has been known to brainstorm in hash tags.


Amisha Gandhi
Head of Influencer Marketing

Amisha Gandhi is the Head of Influencer Marketing at SAP and previously led mobile product marketing and communications.  In her current role, she is leading the charge at SAP by building the global influencer marketing program to help drive the customer journey from awareness to demand-gen to advocacy. She’s worked in public relations and marketing roles in Silicon Valley for the past 15 years, working with startups and large enterprises such as Citysearch.com/USANetworks, HP, Google, Accenture and Time-Warner. Amisha has a passion for sci-fi movies, gadgets and always seeking out the next big thing trend. @amishagandhi




Lane Adams
The Three Day Weekend Influencer Collective

Lane Adams is a travel fanatic and social influencer marketing guru. He has spent his entire career in social media and influencer marketing, including leading commercial partnerships at Maker Studios, when it was the largest YouTube influencer network in the world, eventually acquired by Disney in 2014 for over $700m. He has since worked for top social media agencies focused on influencer marketing and in 2017 turned his passion for adventure, supporting influencers and great travel content into a business, launching The Three Day Weekend, Travel Influencer Collective, LLC.




Kate Appleton
Branded Content Director
AFAR Media

Kate Appleton brings more than a decade of editorial experience to her role at AFAR Media, where she creates engaging travel and lifestyle custom content across all platforms (digital, print, video, social, e-newsletter). She manages the influencer network of AFAR Ambassadors, whose talents and reach are increasingly in demand from advertising partners. A native New Yorker, Kate has worked previously at LearnVest, Travel + Leisure, Budget Travel, and New York magazine, and is a graduate of Columbia Journalism School. Along the way, she’s overseen award-winning features and brand platforms, moonlighted as a restaurant critic, and put her Italian to good use, reporting on agriturismi in Piedmont and how to order coffee like a Roman. Her appreciation for good copy runs the gamut from a clever hashtag or Instagram post to long-form storytelling. 





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  1. Ronald N. Levy on September 19, 2017 at 4:54 pm

    An advantage of learning from top experts like these at a CommPRO webinar like this is that:

    A. Clients feel they should be doing more with newer technologies but are not sure what to ask for and what to get.

    B. At the end of a program clients may not be sure what they got or how to tell management what they got.

    C. Wisdom gained from a seminar is not only how to get abundantly and also how to tell about it so management is tickled.

    Wisdom gained is also helpful in steering clients away from a classic blunder: clients who know less trying to tell experts how to perform expertly. They know.