9 Superheroes Your Team Needs to Master Your Marketing


9 Superheroes Your Team Needs to Master Your Marketing

Everyone loves a superhero team-up. Although Superman and Captain America are pretty powerful on their own, they’re even stronger when working with other members of the Justice League and Avengers.

Superhero teams show how individuals with distinct strengths, expertise and perspectives can overcome their differences to unite and serve all humankind.

Although your marketing team isn’t battling large-scale robot attacks or alien invasions, there’s a lot to learn from the success of superhero team-ups.

Modern marketers are called on to be buyer-focused and data-driven as they create increasingly compelling content, distribute it over a growing number of channels, and gather analytics for reporting and optimization efforts.

A single person can’t create and promote content, build a brand’s leads pipeline, shorten sales cycles and drive revenue growth alone.

When assembling the ultimate marketing team, look for marketing masters that embody the following super powers.

Shrewd Strategist: “Always be yourself, unless you can be Batman. Then be Batman.” Let’s be honest: Bruce Wayne, aka the Dark Knight, is the hero we all want to be.

He doesn’t have alien or mutant powers, but triumphs with intellect and strategy. He arms himself with the right tools and technology and understands the strengths and weaknesses of his team members and adversaries.

Every team needs a Batman that can connect the dots of their audience’s many challenges, and create a strategy that fulfills their needs today and looks ahead to tomorrow.



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