9 Reasons People Quit Their Jobs


9 Reasons People Quit Their JobsMarie Raperto, The Hiring Hub

Want to quit your job?  According to a survey from Randstad USA, there are a combination of reasons why people quit. Knowing why is important for employers.  The cost of hiring, retraining and the loss of institutional knowledge is extremely high.  So why do people quit?

  1.  82% of respondents said they would quit if not given a yearly raise.
  2. 64% would consider a change if the job was in a better location.
  3. 36% responded they wouldn’t consider a job that didn’t offer 15 paid vacation days.
  4. 36% said they were considering leaving because they couldn’t work from home.
  5. 58% said they would take a job for less money if they liked the boss.
  6. 60% have left or would leave a job because they didn’t like their manager.
  7. 58% responded that their current employer values profits over employees.
  8. 58% would leave because of office politics.
  9.  38% want to leave because of a toxic work environment or bad culture fit.

How about you?