9/11 – Honoring the Fallen


Brian Schulman, Founder & CEO, Voice Your Vibe

On 9/11 when so many genuine heroes rose, fell (some fallen for long, others able to rise) – we will honor THEM.

I had family on American Airlines Flight 11 that fell into the towers that day. Berry Berenson Perkins, mother to two of my very dear grade-school friends, and wife to Anthony Perkins (most known for his work in Psycho); another amazingly kind soul taken too early in his life. Berry was like a second mother to me growing up (and Tony, like a dad) and will always be missed.

Genuine Hero is all about honoring those that have made an impact on someone’s life. We honor so many, that impacted so many – and continue to do so.



About: Founder and CEO, Brian Schulman, based in California, is a 20+ year veteran of digital marketing for enterprise companies. His latest venture, #VoiceYourVibe™ was founded in July 2018 and has evolved during the pandemic. As one of the top LinkedIn Video Creators in 2019, Brian’s goal is to help others build relationships, be a part of a global community and learn how to operate digitally in ways that are new and different to them. LinkedIn Video announced two beta programs, one in 2017 for LinkedIn Video and another for LinkedIn Live in 2019. Brian received access to both, invite-only programs and built upon his livestreaming skills. Now, Brian’s goal is to help as many people as he can.

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