8 Tips That Help Demystify the Creative Process


Innovation isn’t magic, but the result of a careful process that will produce the best work, deadline after deadline.



Sean Williams, Creative Director, Finn Partners Southeast

Don Draper, the iconic ad man from the TV show “Mad Men”, once gave this advice to his protégé, Peggy Olsen:

“Peggy, just think about it deeply. Then forget it. And an idea will jump up in your face.”

If you’re familiar with the show, you know there are many times when genius, client-dazzling, creative concepts seem to “jump up” in the face of various characters, seemingly without a lot of methodology behind them. And while these revelatory moments aren’t completely impossible, the fact remains that we, in the real world, are asked to generate ideas too often and too fast. We can’t wait on a random bolt of lightning to save the day.

So how do we accomplish this? How do we, as creative professionals, harness ideas that break through and create an emotional bond with our audience when the clock is always ticking?

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