BizWireTV Accelerator Report: New Platform Connects Plastic Surgeons with Potential Patients; Beverage Industry Lands on Our VC Watch


On the latest BizWireTV Accelerator Report, Codecademy raised funds to expand digital skills education, allowing people to better learn modern skills for the technology job marketplace.

Also featured in the episode is this week’s startup standout, Zwivel, an online platform that offers an easier and more efficient way to connect cosmetic and plastic surgeons with potential clients.

Now available on BizWireTV’s new home on Tempo, the show serves as a preview of upcoming IPOs, scheduled earnings announcements, recent funding announcements, and trends to watch in the upcoming week.

This week’s episode features:

Codecademy raises $30m to expand digital skills education

On the VC Watch:

BevSpot raises $11m to streamline the beverage industry

2020 On-site Optometry raises $3m for rapid growth

This week’s startup standout:

Zwivel connects doctors with patients seeking plastic surgery

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